About us

About us

Workshop of
experienced advertising
already proven
on their areas.

We deliver effective solutions.

We find for all project the right marketing communications tools and apply their best combination . The team is always tailored for the objectves and applied solutions.

We help you to find your way in the maze of marketing communications.

You probably made lots of thoughts on how to set up your marketing communications supplier system, as in the agency business specialists are operating. They provide excellent services on their own fields, like creative planning, online marketing, media planning and buying or PR, but in most cases a higher level overiew and integrated strategic planning is necessary to execute effective marketing communications based on marketing objectives. BellaCom provides complex services having senior consultants with 10-15 years of experience on their own fields. We have set up an extensive subcontractor network, consisting of agencies, senior self-emlpoyed and freelancer professionals.

What can we do for you?

There are no identical answers. It depends on your experience with marketing communications agencies, the supplier system you operate currently, that can be inhereted or new, or can be under construction, you may have international contracts, that limit your opportunities. You may think, that your yearly budget is too small to have specialist agencies for all activities. You may think, that your yearly budget is too big not to have specliaist agencies for the different activities You might be unsatisfied with one of your specalist supplier. You may feel you get an expensive service. You may experience, that your campaigns are not cost efficient enough. Your suppliers may not understand your market, business objectives, you may want to work ROI based.

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