2019. április 17.

The distributor of Essilor Optics Ltd., Varilux, Transitions and Kodak lenses in Hungary asked Andrea Várkonyi as brand ambassador to propagate Varilux lenses.

It will be done through Campaign on TV, online, POS, PR appearances, Varilux partners radio spots and online shows, as well as a roadshow.
The front of the TV spot is the adaptation of the international film for the Varilux brand. There Andrea Várkonyi tells that she doesn’t make any compromise, but chooses Varilux. She doesn't need to do so, because Varilux Multifocal eyewear provides sharp vision for all distances.
In the spot, the advertising ends up as the closing of the international film of the advertising
agency creating a similar party atmosphere environment like previously the brand ambassador did.
The TV spot was made by BellaCom Marketingkommunikációs Kft in cooperation with Filmprodukció Kft. MediaCom Hungary. The media
 was planned and bought by MediaCom Magyarország Kft. The spot runs on April 1, 2019 on television.

The TV spot is available at the following link:

2015. november 10.