2018. október 10.

How do we target our target group in a segment such as analgesia, where the competition is vast and the messages are similar? The response of Apranax Dolo film-coated tablets can be seen in October with a new TV campaign. At the same time as the brand, Valeant Pharma will be renewed as it will continue to operate under the name Bausch Health.

The commercial film was made for the brand's consumer communication, its main character is a masseuse, who has to stand in different everyday situations and roles. The concept was chosen on the basis of consumer tests, and four agencies competed for the commission, which BellaCom finally won. The participants of the research were mostly able to identify with the protagonist of this spot, feel their problems, and think about their own living conditions as their own. The film clearly conveys the main message of the advertising of Apranax Dolo film that the film tablet can also be used to suppress pain and inflammation at different points in the body.

Client: Bausch Health, Andrea Vozil OTC Marketing Manager

Agency: BellaCom, Izabella Sirghel Customer Relationship Manager, József Marschall Creative Director, Mónika Karáth Customer Relationship Manager

Production: H & H Film Production, Judit Lóránt producer, Attila Lóránt director

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2021. december 1.

BellaCom is listed at the highest ranks on the basis of Dun & Bradstreet's objective company rating


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